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Professional Pensions Corporate Subscriptions cater to firms of all sizes, from a small organisation right through to global firms’ pension schemes.

The key advantage of a Corporate Subscription is its flexibility. They are completely bespoke, meaning we can offer a purely digital solution or incorporate an element of print depending on how your team prefers to consume content. The number of users included is also entirely up to you – and the more you add, the lower the cost per user becomes.

A Corporate Subscription will also streamline your purchasing process by providing just one single bill for all your users – which in turn means you will incur lower administrative costs.

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Professional Pensions is the essential title for the occupational pensions and investment industry with an archive that dates back to 2005. Corporate Access will allow all your team to benefit from this – a subscription will give your team access to all of our premium information via online, mobile and tablet allowing you to read the content that matters to you and your team wherever you are, whenever you want it.

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Case Study – A pensions regulatory body

This company is a regulatory body who provides advice and guidance for both companies who run work-based schemes and those who advise on them. This body needs access to information and market reaction on any regulatory changes, future market trends and analysis on the potential effects of these developments to help steer those who use their service.

Their previous subscriptions meant that across the firm only a couple of people had access to the website and one paper copy of the magazine to distribute amongst the staff. They knew that more of their staff could benefit from the insight and analysis delivered by Professional Pensions, and so decided to take out a corporate subscription.

What improvements did the Corporate Subscription make?
The switch to corporate access meant that the company could expand access from a couple of people, to a much larger group of staff who needed access to Professional Pensions for a fraction of the cost it would have been to buy individual subscriptions for each of the users.
How many Professional Pensions users do they have today?
They now have 50 users with logins to all the content and latest news. They can read the site on the move with a personal account giving them access to all the content on wherever they are as well as being able to access the app and email news alerts.

Access our content in the format that suits you

Corporate Subscriptions are completely bespoke to your needs – meaning you can decide how your team is able to access our content. We offer a variety of formats:


On your computer, tablet or mobile.


Available on iOS or Android.


Email alerts to keep you up to date on all the latest news and features.


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Already on board…

We have a long list of Corporate Subscribers, including amongst others:


How much does a Corporate Subscription cost?
There isn’t a set price for a Corporate Subscription as we take many things into consideration – generally the number of users, how many different products you need to access, and which delivery methods you prefer to receive the content. If you have multiple users that require access, then a Corporate Subscription is definitely the most cost-effective approach for you.
Is there any limit to the number of users that can be included in a Corporate Subscription?
No, a Corporate Subscription can consist of as many users as you like. We have small contracts with companies for 3 users, whilst others have agreed worldwide access for all their employees.
Can a Corporate Subscription span multiple offices?
Yes it can – there’s no limit to how many of your offices can be incorporated into an agreement. All we’ll need to know are which offices you want to include, and who the users are within them.
Can we set up access for our employees when they are out of the office?
Yes you can. For each of the users who are part of the agreement we will give them an individual log-in that they can use to access the site wherever they are and whatever device they are using. In addition this log-in allows them to set their own news alert preferences and access the app on both iOS and Android.

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